Keynote speakers introduced: Prof. Lisa Nathan

Dr. Lisa P. Nathan is Assistant Professor at the School of Library Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia ((the iSchool@UBC),. She is also coordinator of the iSchool’s First Nations Curriculum Concentration. Lisa collaborates with inspiring people to (re)imagine and (re)design information practices—ways we manage information—to address long-term problems (e.g., decolonization, social justice, environmental resilience).

We look forward to Lisa’s keynote!



Keynote speakers introduced: Prof. John Robinson

Dr. John B. Robinson is a Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and the School of the Environment, at the University of Toronto; an Honorary Professor with the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability at The University of British Columbia; and an Adjunct Professor with the Copenhagen Business School. At the University of Toronto, he is also Presidential Advisor on the Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability. Prof. Robinson’s research focuses on the intersection of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability; the use of visualization, modeling, and citizen engagement to explore sustainable futures; sustainable buildings and urban design; the role of the university in contributing to sustainability; creating partnerships for sustainability with non-academic partners; and, generally, the intersection of sustainability, social and technological change, behaviour change, and community engagement processes.

We are looking forward to John’s keynote!

Keynote speakers

We are excited to announce our keynote speakers:

  • Bill Rees: research on ecological footprint analysis and ecological economics
  • Lisa Nathan: research on sustainable HCI, societal challenges, and ecovillages
  • John Robinson: research on generative buildings and the intersection of climate change mitigation

Details on the speakers will follow soon!

Welcome to ICT4S 2018

Welcome to the 5th international conference on ICT for Sustainability, to be held on 14-18 May 2018 in Toronto, Canada.  Fist and last day of the conference will be workshop days.

The ICT4S conferences bring together leading researchers in ICT for Sustainability with government and industry representatives, including decision-makers with an interest in using ICT for sustainability, researchers focusing on ICT effects on sustainability and developers of sustainable ICT systems or applications.