Co-located event (2 full days) – May 13-14, 2018

The Fourth ACM Workshop on Computing Within Limits

The ACM LIMITS workshop aims to foster discussion on the impact of present and future ecological, material, energetic, and societal limits on computing. These topics are seldom discussed in contemporary computing research. A key aim of the workshop is to promote innovative, concrete research, potentially of an interdisciplinary nature, that focuses on technologies, critiques, techniques, and contexts for computing within fundamental economic and ecological limits. A longer-term goal is to build a community around relevant topics and research. We hope to impact society through the design and development of computing systems in the abundant present for use in a future of limits. This year we are colocating for the first time with ICT4S.

Workshop Chairs: Bonnie Nardi, Jay Chen


WK1 (Full Day) – May 14, 2018

SketchingICT4S: Picturing our way towards ICT4S

SketchingICT4S will bring together individuals from industry and academia that have an interest or have used hand-drawn sketching. The workshop aims to: (i) discuss the potential contribution of hand-drawn sketching to ICT4S, (ii) collaboratively develop a visual library of tools and techniques for sketchnoting the ICT4S conference, (iii) through a series of exercises, develop the confidence to use sketching in ICT4S, (iv) agree on plan for sketchnoting the rest of the ICT4S conference.

Workshop Chairs: Samuel Mann, Mariam Sturdee, Maria Angela Ferrario, Ray Maher


WK2 (Full day) – May 18, 2018

Computing, Sustainability, and Education

With this participatory workshop, we aim to gather participants from academia as well as from industry who are interested in developing ICT4S education and discuss core subject areas, concrete examples and seminal literature that we use and/or that “should” be included in such courses. This workshop will thus be an interdisciplinary effort to further ICT for sustainability and the workshop is organised by persons who lead these developments and who all have experiences of planning and teaching sustainability courses for computer science students.

Workshop Chairs: Stefanie Betz, Ruzanna Chitchyan, Tom Crick, Birgit Penzenstadler, Jari Porras, Colin C. Venters, Elina Eriksson, Daniel Pargman, Samuel Mann, Anna Kramers, Hanna Hasselqvist


WK5 (Half Day – afternoon) – May 18, 2018

Sidewalk Toronto and the Sustainable Smart City

On October 17 “Sidewalk Toronto” was announced, a partnership between City of Toronto and Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company (alongside Google) to create a “new type of mixed-use, urban community” through redevelopment of Quayside, 12 acres on the waterfront. Through a “walkshop” based at the future site of Sidewalk Toronto, participants will be guided through differing perspectives and viewpoints on the debate around Sidewalk Toronto, and the intersection of emerging ICTs, smart cities discourse, and sustainability. Through a guided tour and site-based activities, participants will be invited to engage with underlying assumptions and themes around how ICTs are used in smart city projects and potential implications for sustainability.

Workshop Chairs: Rebecca Noone, Dawn Walker


WK6 (Half Day – morning) – May 18, 2018

The internationalization of a guide encouraging municipalities and enterprises to use digitalization for the environment

The workshop focuses digitalisation for supporting environmental targets and supporting communication between people from academy, municipalities and industry. In late 2017, CESC Centre for Sustainable Communications, produced an info-brochure in Swedish aimed at supporting municipalities and industry to focus on using Digitalisation for the environment. The brochure is creative-commons-licensed. The workshop aims at creating a new version of the brochure, in English, with all participants being welcome as authors.

Updates regarding the workshop can now be found on the workshop facebook-event:

Workshop Chairs: Mattias Höjer, Tina Ringenson